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PLAYERS: We’re at the top of our Arcade game.

With over 70 player stations and the largest redemption center on the Emerald Coast, Thrills Arcade gives you more ways to win.

Our pristinely-maintained and state-of-the-art games run the gaming gamut, challenging experienced high-scorers and delighting fun-seeking newbies alike. From the swishes of NBA Hoops, to the roars and peril of Jurassic Park, to the bonks and giggles of Minion Whacker, our Arcade caters to the taste and play style of everyone in your button-mashing party.

Fast-paced fun is its own reward, but why stop there? Our unbeatable redemption center boasts the biggest selection of prizes in the region, featuring top-shelf takeaways for kids and adults: Next-Gen Game Consoles, Small Appliances, Power Tools, Toys, iPads, and too many more to list here!

Using cutting-edge technology, all of your points and tickets are hosted on a single card – which doesn’t just make hauling your winnings around more convenient, it’s an environmentally-friendly green operation.

Visit Thrills to see how gaming is done.

In our Arcade, you always feel like Player One!