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TAG! We’re it.

If you’re looking for the most interactive and immersive Laser Tag experience available, you’ve come to the right arena.

Thrills has pulled out all the stops when it comes to upending your expectations of typical laser tag, crafting a premiere competitive action playground. Want to see for yourself? Strap in, step into our “Temple of Doom,” and prepare to be stunned by structures and glyphs that will WOW tomb raiders of all types.

Top-of-the-line from top to bottom, the “Temple of Doom” isn’t just a fantastical façade. It’s an interactive arena that fights back!

We’re not going to reveal all the secrets and spoil the adventure, but we will warn you to watch out for the 15-foot cobra pillars … They, like many other surprises you’ll discover, are more than meets the (snake) eyes!

With points to score and game formats galore, the “Temple of Doom” is a monument to thrilling good times.

*NOTE: Must be 6 years old to play Laser Tag

If you’re waiting on planning your visit, it’s time to put us in your sights, and get ready to be Thrilled!

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